Jain Food Recipes

Fresh Fruit Parfait

Fresh Fruit Parfait Recipe

By avni Published: February 9, 2013

  • Yield: 2 big glasses (2 Servings)
  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Ready In: 25 mins



  1. Add the pomegranate juice, yogurt, sugar and mint in a blender.
  2. Once done, take it out in a bowl and whisk it to give it some body. Make it nice and fluffy.
  3. For good colorful presentation first add the apples to the glass, then kiwi. then pineapples, strawberries and finally the grapes.
  4. Pour the prepared juice on top of the fruits
  5. Add vanilla ice cream on top of it and sprinkle some crushed pistachios and serve it
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    Muthia Recipe

    By avni Published: November 25, 2012

    • Yield: 4 Servings
    • Prep: 20 mins
    • Cook: 40 mins
    • Ready In: 60 mins



    1. Combine all the ingredients and Add water as required. The mixture should be like a soft dough.
    2. Steam it for 25 mins and allow it to cool
    3. Cut small round pieces like cucumber and season theme ugh mustard seeds, til, curry leaves
    4. Cook them until they look a bit crispy (brown in color) and add coriander leaves as garnishing
    5. Serve it hot with curd and green coriander chutney and sauce
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    Rava Dosa

    Rava Dosa Recipe

    By avni Published: October 1, 2012

    • Yield: 18-20 (6 Servings)
    • Prep: 15 mins
    • Cook: 30 mins
    • Ready In: 45 mins



    1. Mix all the ingredients except oil and jeep the batter for about 1 or 1/2 an hour
    2. Rava will soak water so at the time of making dosa you might have to add little water. The batter should be of pouring consistency (thick buttermilk)
    3. Pour the dosa batter from the outward base of the tawa in a circular motion. Fill the gap in the middle with dosa batter. Don’t drop batter like a thick lump but pour all over, evenly, filling the gaps. Pour 1-2 tsps of oil like drops along the edge of the dosa and the gaps in the middle.
    4. Cook it on medium heat for 3 minutes and then on high heat for 1/2 a minute. Remove the dosa if you want slightly soft
    5. For crispy dosa cook for another 1minute on high heat until it turns Golden brown in color
    6. You can Flip the dosa and cook it on other side but usually I cook only on one side
    7. Serve it hot with coconut or tomato chutney. (or sambhar)
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    Papdi Chaat

    Papdi Chaat Recipe

    By avni Published: July 19, 2012

    • Yield: 30 (5 Servings)
    • Prep: 20 mins
    • Cook: 60 mins
    • Ready In: 1 hr 20 mins



    1. Mix flour, sooji, salt and oil and add water little by little to form a firm dough. Leave the dough aside for 15-20 mins covering with the damp cloth
    2. Knead the dough again and divide it into 3 equal parts. Roll 3 big thin rotis and make deep dents into them using a knife. Cut it into diamond shapes and deep fry it. You can also roll small rotis about 2 inch size and deep fry it
    3. Make sure the oil is hot for frying or else the puris will soak all the oil. First insert a small piece of puri to check whether the oil is ready for frying. The puri should come up immediately once inserted.
    4. Fry it till it turns light brown and immediately place it on a absorbent paper so that the extra oil is absorbed
    5. Store it in an air tight container and use it as needed. Use it within 1 month
    6. Take 7-8 puris in a plate and place the mashed boiled/ canned chickpeas on them
    7. Then put green chutney and tamarind chutney on top of the chickpeas
    8. Add little salt in the dahi/curd and churn it well; drizzle on top of th chutneys
    9. Sprinkle cumin powder and red chilli powder and chat masala as per taste
    10. Add sev and chopped corainder over it and serve immediately
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    White Khatta Dhokla

    White Khatta Dhokla Recipe

    By avni Published: July 9, 2012

    • Yield: 3 thalis (4 Servings)
    • Prep: 5 mins
    • Cook: 30 mins
    • Ready In: 35 mins



    1. Add curd, chilli paste, salt, 1 tsp oil, warm water to the flour and soak it overnight; mix it well and ferment it for 8 hours
    2. Add eno and about 2 tsp of water in the batter just before steaming and mix it
    3. Take a round slight deep (7 inch diameter) thali and grease it with the remaining 1/4 tsp oil
    4. Pour 1/3 of the batter in the thali and spread it evenly. Sprinkle black pepper powder on it.
    5. Steam it for about 10 mintues until they are cooked
    6. Allow it to cool and cut the dhoklas into equal diamond shapes
    7. Similarly make 2 thalis out of the remaining batter
    8. Take 3 tsp of oil, give tadka with mustard seeds and curry leaves (optional) and spread it evenly on the dhoklas
    9. Garnish it with corainder leaves and serve it hot with green chutney
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    Dahi Puri

    Dahi Puri Recipe

    By avni Published: July 8, 2012

    • Yield: 24 Dahi Puris (4 Servings)
    • Prep: 25 mins
    • Cook: 10 mins
    • Ready In: 35 mins



    1. Add salt and sugar to the curd and whisk till well mixed. Keep it in the refrigerator till use.
    2. Make holes on one side in the middle of the puris and arrange them i the serving plate
    3. Mix moong, vatana and salt. Fill it equally in the puris
    4. Add the green chutney and khajur imli chutney and fill the top with curd
    5. Sprinkle red chillli powder, chat masala and roasted cumin powder and sev on top of it.
    6. Garnish with chopped corainder and serve immediiately
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